There’s a very popular phrase from our customers we hear several times a day...“Go ahead, I can’t decide.”

We have a love for what we make, and you’ll taste it. In fact, our pastries, cakes and breads don’t have much of a shelf life, but that usually doesn’t matter much. We don’t use preservatives and our recipes are from scratch, fresh from the oven daily.

We’re known around the Bemidji area for our cake donuts. Simple, yet delicious. Enjoy a slice of pie, apple crunch loaf and take home a loaf of our cinnamon, sourdough or wild rice bread. Oh...and don’t forget the buns. We’ve had customers drive for hours to try our Maple Bacon Long John. It’s true. And we can’t blame them.

display assortment of fresh baked donuts

We also feature a very talented cake decorating team, that not only creates beautiful designs, but crafts a very moist cake. Birthdays, weddings, and any other special occasion – you’ll be a superstar with one of our cakes. They feature a variety of flavors, frostings and designs, oftentimes only as limited as the imagination.

a freshly baked cake that is hand frosted and decorated for a birthday

Bakery Menu

Choose From Our Wide
Selection of Pastries

Donuts / $1.00
Muffins / $1.00
Pastries / $1.00
Toast / $1.60
Cinnamon Toast / $1.75
Toasted Bagel / $1.50
Cream Cheese / $.45
Pie & Coffee / $4.50
Pie / $3.25
Pie Alamode / $4.00
Pie Alamode & Coffee / $5.25

Our Bread List

White / Wheat / Cracked Wheat
Sunflower Wheat / Frontier
Honey Oatmeal / New York
Onion Rye / Plain Rye / Raisin Rye
Wild Rice / Sour Dough / Pumpernickel
Potato / Dutch Crust / Vienna
English Muffin / Cinnamon / French Bread